Certified Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing is a vast and expanding subject. Being both an art & science, the syllabus of Digital Marketing Courses must keep being updated. The regular updates keep this Digital Marketing Program a league apart from that of other Digital Marketing Institutions. In this Certified Digital Marketing Master program, commonly called the CDMM course, our approach to Digital Marketing training is exhaustive. You will learn various techniques of Digital Marketing through a series of 44 Modules. The number of modules in this Digital Marketing course for each domain will vary based on the importance and effectiveness of each domain. Each module will typically be delivered in one week. For you to learn all the modules of Digital Marketing in the duration promised, we will conduct multiple online classes every week. We believe that taking up on Digital Marketing Course is the best way to get trained in the Digital Marketing space. Digital Vidya’s experience in the training industry since 2009, along with the apparent requirements of learning Digital Marketing make the case clear for the CDMM course to be the best in the industry. Since all of the research and application on Digital Marketing takes place online, you have to be on this platform to learn.


Digital Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Course



À propos du formateur

Divya Mahajan


Expert marketing ayant crée plusieurs entreprise, Digital Vidya propose également des cours en datascience pour améliorer le ciblage. Parmi ses membres des innovateurs, startuppers, développeurs ayant participé à la création de Paypal.