Data Analytics Using Excel

08 heures et 58 minutes

Digital Vidya’s Data Analytics Course is prudently embedded with Advanced Excel training. The course directs to refine the efforts of professionals in Sales, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Operations, Supply-Chain, Logistics, Finance, and Trading. The advanced excel course coupled with an introduction to data science and visualization helps a fresher or an analytics aspirant to get started in the Data Science & Analytics industry. In a recent report on European Data Science Salary, Excel was positioned as the most used tool by analysts. 70% of Data Science & Analytics professionals use Advanced Excel techniques. Our Data Analytics Course Using Excel builds a learner’s knowledge to perform the most complex calculations and process huge amount of data in a short span of time. This class belongs to the path Datascientist. Each class you buy gives you an access to the 2 other classes in Datascience and Machine Learning.🦁

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You can discover Data analysis and the use of Python


Built and writen by former Senior dev from Microsoft, Paypal and startuppers in marketing and Deeptech


Discover how to analyze multiple datas


Installation (Jupyter), strong and datas, Python, Panda, OOP...

Objectifs de la mission

Understanding Datascience with Excel


Cette formation permet de décrocher :

Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

Data Analytics Using Excel



À propos du formateur

Divya Mahajan


Expert marketing ayant crée plusieurs entreprise, Digital Vidya propose également des cours en datascience pour améliorer le ciblage. Parmi ses membres des innovateurs, startuppers, développeurs ayant participé à la création de Paypal.