27 juin, 2019

The Human Station letter

June 27, 2019

Good morning all,

Human Station is a Start Up made in France specializing in vocational training .

Our ambition ? Put people back at the heart of vocational training to make them the major player in business change and not the adjustment variable

Is your business changing? We train in the professions of change, project management, human resources and management. We offer an end to end and transversevisionto align practices between functions that do not always speak to each other. And anchor them durably thanks to new teaching methods.

We are unique because we offer simple and effective courses at rock-bottom prices! And we train in learning by doing  : projects that allow your teams to collaborate and digitize quickly on concrete objectives, projects.

Here are some examples of what we offer

  • Change  : a training cycle of 350 hours for project managers, managers and HR
  • Test fast, fail fast  : create a prototype by charging it to the training part or support the spin-off / business creation of your executives
  • Knowledge management  : did you say GPEC? We analyze your key, rare and sensitive skills to set up aninternal learning factory . Your experts are the best trainers!

In addition, the Station offers

  • Resources from Artificial Intelligence to complete the course
  • Quizzes, lesson sheets to revise
  • Gamification to motivate through play. With us, learning rhymes with Gamer  ! And all work translates into points, rewards and encounters ...
  • Direct exchanges with the trainers. All these resources are at the service of an educational vision and a new way of learning.

Our goal is for everyone to come out of our training more competent and employable. And rocket in space, we offer all trainers who want to join us a unique value sharing.

Want to know more ? Call us or write us an email.

We will be happy to answer you and discuss your problem

Matthieu: 01 84 60 51  15/06 56 81 91 59 /


Matthieu Image
Matthieu Fondateur de Human Station I Stratégie - Vente Parcours – 10 ans de conseil RH (formation, aide à la création, accompagnement) et de gestion de projet Sciences Po (Grenoble), M2 Economie-Droit-Gestion et M2 Droit public BEARINGPOINT, MANPOWERGROUP SOLUTIONS, ARTHUR HUNT